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THE UNBEATABLE LILY HONG (my debut Middle Grade) out on Jan. 2, 2024!

“A smart, funny, and heartfelt middle grade novel about Lily Hong’s attempts to save her parents’ Chinese school and the town’s community center using all the resources she has—devoted friends, ingenuity, a passion for filmmaking, mediocre dance moves (at best), and perhaps even her archnemesis” (Publisher’s Description).


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RAINBOW FAIR comes out in Winter 2025!

Alessandra Preziosi at Clarion has acquired world rights to Diana Ma‘s middle grade contemporary novel The Rainbow Fair. When Sophie Hu is put in charge of the Muslim booth at her middle school’s Rainbow Fair, she has to navigate the complexities of friendship and intersectional cultural identities as a Chinese Muslim girl. Publication is scheduled for winter 2025; Christa Heschke and Daniele Hunter at McIntosh and Otis brokered the deal (Publisher Weekly Rights Report).

HER REBEL HIGHNESS (2nd book in Daughters of the Dynasty series) is out now!

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HEIRESS APPARENTLY (1st book in Daughters of the Dynasty series) is out now!

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